Wednesday, 9 January 2013

“Vipère au Poing by Hervé Bazin - Summary and Student Notes

“Vipère au Poing”, Hervé Bazin’s first novel, was one of the bestselling books in France during the years following the Second World War. The book tells of the incredible war waged between a ruthless, sadistic mother and her three sons.

Index of student notes

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1)  Detailed summary in English of Vipère au Poing by Hervé Bazin

2) Biographical content in  Hervé Bazin's Vipère au Poing.

3) Hervé Bazin's life and works - related to the novel

4) Background - The political, social and religious issues in Vipère au Poing

Below: Marcel, Jean and Fredie, who were the victims of Mme Rezeau's education

Here is Mme Rezeau, the lady who dominates the family and the book:

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Hervé Bazin- Vipère au Poing